Arjan Dwarshuis Biggest Year

In 2016 I set a new world record. Over the course of 366 days I observed 6852 bird species in 40 different countries.

To put things in perspective; there are currently about 10700 officially recognized species which means that I observed almost two thirds of all the bird species in the world in just a single year.
Of course a year like this would mean nothing without a good cause.
I raise money for the groundbreaking Birdlife Preventing Extinctions Programme. This programme aims to prevent the extinction of all globally threatened bird species by applying an active, innovative and highly effective methodology.
My goal is to raise 100 thouasand Euros. Please help me reach this goal.
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Are you interested in my Big Year list following the latest taxonomy?

Watch the award winning documentary Arjan’s Big Year, by director Michiel van den Bergh.

Arjan’s Big Year premiered in October 2017 at the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam. The documentary was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award and won the Public’s Choice Award. Subsequently Arjan’s Big Year showed in 18 cinemas throughout the Netherlands and had its television premier December 14th, 2019 on NPO2.

We are very proud to finally present you the English version! We would like to thank Peter Stoel (HeadQ Virtual & Post Production), Daan Lugtendorff, Mees van der Velde and Leon Bos (Nootweer Music) and Mark Collier for making this production possible.

All profit will go directly to the BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme.

Watch Arjan’s Big Year documentary now narrated in English

ln May 2019 my book ‘Een Bevlogen Jaar’, about my record breaking Big Year, was published by Meulenhoff Boekerij. Currently it is only available in Dutch, but we are looking for a partner to translate the book in English.

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