Watch this video and understand what Birdlife fights for!

We live in a changing world. Over the last decades we have consumed our earth’s resources at an alarming rate. Not just birds, but whole ecosystems have been wiped off the face of the earth. We have to wake up and change our attitudes now if we want to conserve our planet’s forests, wetlands, grasslands and oceans for future generations.


I have just been appointed a Birdlife Species Champion. I will use my Biggest Year to promote and raise funding for the Birdlife Preventing Extinctions Programme. As Species Champions we are bonded by a desire to turn our care for birds and the environment into meaningful action by going the extra mile and by using our passion, skills and energies to save threatened birds from extinction.


We do not just try to save birds, we try to conserve the ecosystems that they thrive in. The BirdLife Partnership has identified the most important places for birds across the globe – more than 12,000 Important Bird Areas – 5% of the earth’s surface – both land and marine. Where we act for birds in these important places we act holistically for nature. Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas have been established to identify the world’s most important places for birds, but in addition these areas provide a save heaven for 80% of all threatened organisms…


BirdLife is a partnership of hope. We will need this hope to ensure our planets and our own survival. So please support my fundraiser and make a difference. Not just for birds, but for yourself.

Arjan Dwarshuis
Arjan Dwarshuis