Hello World!

Welcome to my website! It still needs some fine-tuning but I decided to kickoff with my first of many blogposts and no surprise, they will all be about birding!


Tomorrow I’m off to the legendary island of Vlieland for the 3rd and last  ‘Deception Tours’ of this year. This epic weekend is all about finding that ultimate rarity, that legendary Pechora Pipit from Siberia or that long expected and equally charismatic Grey-Cheeked Thrush, blown across the Atlantic by the recent autumn-hurricanes in the Caribbean. This is why we birders named this annual birding spectacle ‘Deception Tours’, cause we have extremely high expectation, don’t give up till we have to board the boat back to Harlingen at Sunday 17 PM and try to stay on the edge all the time and all cost, despite the usual hangover from a visit to Tante Pé… But some and in fact most of the times go home empty-handed….  Empty-handed when it comes to those extreme vagrants, but fully satisfied by witnessing the annual autumn migration in all its magnitude. Thousands of thrushes, finches, pipits and waders making their way south from Scandinavia or even Siberia, if weather conditions are just right (a sudden change in wind and rainy conditions in the early morning) they will literally drop from the sky!


This Saturday conditions for finding that extreme vagrant are just right ( , North American rarities are popping up all over the west coast of the British Islands and the wind switches overnight to a mild west. I will of course keep you up to date… Let you know if we strike gold. Hopefully it will be me, cause glory awaits the man or woman who discovers that MEGA from the far west or east!


Good birding!

Arjan Dwarshuis
Arjan Dwarshuis